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Man-At-Arms Bluskye Cobaltus of Dragonspine

”PASHA NATASHA!!!! (off everyone's looks) What?”



Bluskye or "Blue" has been playing amtgard since Little Raven dragged him onto the field one day, shoved a sword and shield into his hands and said, "Fight instead of sitting there playing your DS all the time!!!" Since then, Blue has taken to the game pretty quickly, and as of right now is working on his first amtgard quest. At Clan 2009, he was inducted into the Wolf Riders and became Quicksilver's Man-At-Arms. Currently on hiatus due to school and getting a new job. He still keeps an eye on kingdom business and attends the occasional event.

Flurb Bio

Bluskye Cobaltus is a mad alchemist from the dimension known as Wonderland. He's only half-mad, his mother being a human and his father being well, mad. He stumbled through a rift he created into Amtgardia, and set up a shop to cater to Dragonspine's alchemic needs. He now shares his shop with Mirai after an incident involving goblins, and is a were-Fennec (a tiny african fox).

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Getting his armor checked by Randall.

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