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Page Prospero "River" Swiftblade, of Dragonspine

"If you see me running, run, because I'm not sticking around to save your ass." "There are only a few important things in life: wine, women, and song."


River is Little Raven's twin sister. River started playing about the same time as her sister. As of December 2009, however, she has begun attending the park on a regular basis. At Clan 2010, she accepted a page belt from Quicksilver. River is unique in the respect that her persona is actually a man, thus attributing to the beard she has on her face. River is the only person who plays in drag in DS proper. She is also one of the founding members of the now defunct Order of the Errant, and a member of the Wardens.

Flurby Bio

River is a jack of all trades: thief, singer, fighter, and writer. Due to his appearance people say he's a pirate, but he insists he's not! He's also Raven's cousin. He also does NOT like to be called Prospero, much to Raven's delight. Angering a magician from who he stole a shiny thing, he now can turn into a magpie at will- but he would like to point out he is not a were creature, just a shape shifter. Yes, there is a difference. He currently resides as the page of Quicksilver.

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Notable Accomplishments

River won First Place in the 2007 Viewer's Choice A&S competition in DS in August of 07.

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