Arthur MacGregor

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Upper Classman Squire Arthur "Sheep Friend" MacGregor of the Iron Mountains Khan of Oklahoma

"Yo Dawg"

”I would say I'm sorry...But I'm not”

”Ya know what the worst thing about playing unicorn is? Telling your dad that you're gay.”

I am a pretty little princes! --Arthur, every time he smote someone at clan with his snazzy (and brutal) Warlord Sports polearm. Arthur: 1. Ribs: 0.

I find it insulting and downright fuckdiculous that you consider yourself an equal to me --Arthur to some tard on esam




Arthur started out Amtgard in the Northern Holdfast of the Iron Mountains In 2005 he joined the Navy and moved around the country. Using this opportunity to play in several different parks Arthur made a lot of friends.
Face it, Arthur is a cool motherfucker.
Arthur spends his time making fun of idiots who make him want to Shatner Punch himself in the face.

While stationed in Oklahoma Arthur quickly learned that Amtgard there was lame and a waste of his Arthury goodness. So nearly every weekend for months he would drive to Eagleshire to get his stick on.

Arthur has an Awesome Alter-ego named Artor. Some people think he's a dick, douche or just plain asshole. Some people think he's awesome. Some people are right.


Affiliated Groups

The Lifeline

Belted Family

Sir Nevron Dreadstar-Sword 1988, Crown 1990, Serpent 1991, Flame 1994

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Arthur moves at the speed of awesome:

Due to Arthur's general laissez faire attitude and personal mantra being "Fuck it"
in the summer of 2008 the monarchy of Siar Geata saw fit to grant him a fitting award.
Fuck It

That Arthur guy... he's good sheeple.
Sheep Suit

Arthur Hates you
He really hates you