Evil Randy

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evil Randy
Home Park Nomad
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 1994
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Squire to Sir Kudzu

Four belted Squire evil Randy, Nomad

"I just cant allow stupid. Stupid should hurt, and I aim to make it so." -evil Randy

"Friends don't let friends use PVC!" -evil Randy



Started in Abilene, TX in spring of 1994 forming the Shire of Citadel under the Duchy of Iron Gate. Shortly after that, he moved to Florida and joined the Nomadic Tribes of the Emerald Coast.

From the EC he joined the Navy and moved to Chicago where he started the Shire of Fiery Nights, soon after he left for Norfolk, VA. where he helped to start the Sea of Rhye, staying only a couple months in VA. He then traveled to California where he became a part of the Duchy of The Crystalline Confederacy.

At the request from the Duke, evil Randy became an envoy to the up and comming Shire of Feanga. Failing to convince Feanga to play by the rules of Amtgard, evil Randy along with several core Feangan members left to create the Shire of the Silver Sun.

After serving as the Champion for nearly a year evil Randy returned home to the Emerald Coast and attempted to revive the group, able to achieve Barony status until Nightrisa decided to split the group due to her own political aspirations.

After Hurricane Katrina eR was forced to relocate to San Diego where he splits is Amt time among the groups in the area

Belted Line

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lies all Lies. Randy does nothing noteworthy, he just has a great PR staff.

Who is Responsible for His Actions

After much debate and even more Alcohol it was decided that when evil Randy is in Garb, his Knight is responsible for him. If however evil Randy is not in garb and he does something to offend you, then you should contact his wife, Taly. Either way you will most likely get the same reply... "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT...HE'S evil!" The best solution therefore is to follow these simple suggestions:

  • Approach evil Randy directly. Worst case scenario he will tell you why he is hitting you so hard. Best case, He will apologize and say he didn't realize you were so weak.
  • Stop sluffing
  • Stop sluffing and suck it up
  • Stop sluffing and looking for grey areas

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