Taver Alundra Firestrike

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Baronet Taver A'lundra Firestrike

of the MacLeod Clan

Plays at Black Marsh in the Rising Winds

The Sky Fox, Taver
Home Park Black Marsh
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2005
Noble Title baronet
Belt Status None)

"A peppy little ball of sunshine, that's me."


Taver started at a little Shire nestled in the northern Rising Winds, and has since travelled throughout the Kingdom and the neighboring Tal Dagore. Currently settling at Black Marsh.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Other Facts

  • Her car broke down on the way to RW Coronation March 2009.
  • The car she was riding in also broke down on the way back home from Discord 2009.
  • It is said amongst those in Phoenix Tears that she is cursed, and that taking her over state lines will cause your car to randomly commit suicide. As a result, she is now to be made to walk across state lines before being allowed back into whatever vehicle she is event-tripping in.201
  • Sunk Cormac's van in mud at Knoblander 2009.
  • Sunk Sir Magnus Heartseeker's car at RW March Coronation 2010.
  • Has a Wyvern persona named Kryee-Kryee.
  • Consistently steals Rokku's guitar.
  • Will tell you to die in a fire if you try to wake her up early in the morning at events.
  • Is made of approximately three times as much win as beating a ditch field by yourself. 52 - Rom of Shadowkeep

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