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Sir Duke Fuzz Jarbjorn of Blackthorne,Crystal Groves, Squire to Sir Konrad of the Bull Clan


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I started fighting in 2004 at Western Gate after being introduced by Crux. I left for college where I started an unaffiliated boffer group which has helped foster foam fighting in Kirksville, MO, helping with the establishment of The Shire of Everautumn Valley. Once I graduated I came back to St. Louis Amtgard in 2010 and am attending park days regularly.
Right now my focus is on running different aspect of events, working on more A&S, particularly dealing with leather/metalwork, and anything, in general, to help make the game more fun for everyone. In 2017 I was both knighted in the flame path and moved out of Tal Dagore to Crystal Groves. Since moving I have helped grow my new (to me) shire of Blackthorne into a Barony, serve as kingdom monarch, join the awards evaluation committee, sit on both the Tal Dagore and Crystal Goves board of directors, and receive my master crown.
"Makin my way downtown!" "Ya did it!"

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