Pittacus Evangel

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Pitt Heraldry.jpg
Pittacus Evangel
Home Park Port of Winter's Night
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Lord, Baronet
Belt Status Squire

Squire Banneret Dominus Apprentice Pittacus Evangel, Master Druid, The White-Hot Flame of Ebonmarch, Shadow Boxer of Rising Winds, First Drake Master of Rising Winds


"Not enough, Double it." - RW Bridge Wars 2019 Crat Team

Pittacus Evangel is an angel in the guise of his former kobold image, looking to earn his place again in the Angelic ranks of his people. Pittacus started at the Shire of Mystic Caverns in 2010, when the park was right next door to his house, saw nerds smacking each other with foam and kept coming back. Moved in May 2020 to Grim Garrison.

Affiliated Groups

  • Member of Grendel (April 2018 - January 2020)(July 2021-Present)
  • (Former) Became Man-At-Arms to Overlord Squire Viper Moonshade (November 2019 - December 2020)
  • Became Apprentice Druid to Dagon Solaris in September 2020.
  • (Formerly) Squired to Sir Zander Claid in December 2020
  • Squire to Sir Gromal Finlay in June 2022
  • Moderator of the Unofficial Amtgardian Community Facebook Group, 2020-2022
  • (Formerly) Moderator of the RW Kingdom Facebook Group
  • Member and Co-Founder of 2021 RW Covid Reopening Committee
  • Member of RW Documents Committee
  • Member of House Mcglean
  • Member of the Dark Glory Household

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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