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A Defunct chapter of the Celestial Kingdom once located in Pleasenton, Texas.


Before the field's existence, there were two groups that played Amtgard in Atascosa County. And it was through the accidental discovery of the Pleasenton group, that the Jourdanton group challenged them to a week long battle. It was after this battle that solidified Amtgard in Atascosa County. After 6 months of political feuds, the park split into two and the park Skull's Keep was created in Charrlott, TX. It was in the fall of 1995, it was decided that we should regroup after the propose Duchy status. That Sunday, only two members showed at the field and that was when Keinplatz closed. The field was resurrected by Bromhir in 2005. Due to populace upheaval, the Shire has once again fallen back into the mists of history.

Members List that still play