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Count Sir Avalok, Chapter of Stormhaven, Kingdom of Blackspire.

”The only true Prey is HUMAN”
”Your faith is a disease”



Started playing Amtgard in May, 2000 in Stormhaven with his wife Sir Essewyn and brother Krymm. Avalok joined Sir Whitewolf the Hunter's knightly family as a Man-at-arms to Squire Styles. After a couple of years he became one of White Wolfs squires, joining with Squire Sho, Reign. In 2006 at Thousand Stars Avalok joined the Knights in front of his Amtgard family as well as his mundane family at court on Saturday night of the event.

Avalok was the first Knight of the Flame of Blackspire. Further more Avalok was the first Knight from the Grand Duchy of Stormhaven.

One of his squires has joined the Knights by way of Blackthorn

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Sir Avalok Flame(5/2006)Crown(10/2009)

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Avalok has joined a few fighting companies including Karma Company and Iconoclast only to be disheartened in the paths they choice to walk down. After taking a few years off from Amtgard 2010 to 2013 he has returned and joined in with some old friends in the creation of a new fighting company and renewed purpose.


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