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Man at Arms Tanith Fallenstar of WolfsBane, Ipswitch & Dragonspine

”Don't Judge Me”


Man-At-Arms Tanith Fallenstar, The Finish Master, He who can not be judged, Refuser of CousCous and Apprentice Handsomsith.

Man-at-Arms To Squire Master Reign The Unsalted.

Affiliated Groups

Total and undying devotion, allegiance and Entertainment to His Scrumtrulescence The Grand Duke Sir Whitewolf the Hunter, Vanquisher of Trina and Songbird of the north.

Wolfsbane, House Legion, Fallenstar

Belted Family

The Glorious Anthem of Whitewolf And Debane: WolfsBane

Notable Accomplishments

This herculean opponent has gone countless battles and tourneys undefeated by girls and women alike.

He is not sexist but rather calculating and therefore knows when to pick his battles and when to simply be handsome.

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