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Squire Zen of WolfsBane, High Oasis & Dragonspine

”Might Makes Right!!”

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Squire Zen of the Chocolate Blood, Master of the Word, The Glorious Mane, Slayer of the Feared Otter of Underdark and Liege to Sexy Woman the World Over.

If Zen could be summed up in one word that word would be the opposite of pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism [1], however he is deeper than he is dreamy, so we will have to describe him in two words, recondite and didactic.

Affiliated Groups

Total and Undying Devotion, Allegiance, and Piece of Mind to His Scrumtrulescence, The Grand Duke Sir Whitewolf the Hunter, Vanquisher of Trina and Songbird of the North.

Wolfsbane, Legion, House Fallenstar

Belted Family

The Glorious Anthem of Whitewolf And Debane: WolfsBane

Notable Accomplishments

He who takes no shots beware the Executioner, for I am his liege... no not leash.. Never mind I control him and justice will be served.

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