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Squire Man-at-Aarms WaAG of WolfsBane,Shrouding Mist, Inland Ocean, Stormhaven, Crimson Sanctum, High Oasis, Dragonspine & Obsidian Gate

”Might Makes Right”



Squire Man-at-Arms WaAG, The Self Proclaimed One, Baby Dolphin Sympathizer, Shogun of the Cuddle, Banger's Smith, Master of the Sauce and He of the Silken Tongue. SQMaA WaAG is a force that can be managed by no knight alone there for he has two knights one for his grownup side and one for his kid side.

He is Man-at-Arms To Her splendiferousness Sir Lyrea as well as Squire and good listener to His Scrumtrelesance Sir Whitewolf.

Much of this man is unknown, all our attempts to receive intel have produce very little save some unhealthy life choices. He is, as you would call, a spook and is to be considered very mysterious.

Oh and his grilled cheese OMFG!

Affiliated Groups

Total and undying devotion, allegiance and comfort to His Scrumtrulescence The Grand Duke Sir Whitewolf the Hunter, Vanquisher of Trina and Songbird of the north.

And also Total and undying devotion, allegiance and Grovelling to The grand Duchess Sir Lyrea DeBane, Stealer of breath, Puppeteer, The dream maker, pwn'er of weak styles and Child Bride.

House Wolfsbane, Legion, House Fallenstar, and The Weather Men.

Belted Family

The Glorious Anthem of Whitewolf and Debane: WolfsBane

Under him is Woman at Arms Tori and Page Frostbite Stir-Fry

Notable Accomplishments

Losing his entire Amtgard history. Don't change your land too much boys and girls!

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More Information

Currently fights out of the High Oasis in Phoenix.