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Squire, Arimil Arconis of WolfsBane, Obsidian Gate Freehold

”Now with the fortitude of 3 Chinese Buffet Patrons”



Squire, Arimil Arconis, The One Week, Sovereign of Dames, Lyrical Wordsmith & Keeper of the Robust Secret.

Was Man-at-Arms to Squire Zen Master of the Word.

Affiliated Groups

Total and undying devotion, allegiance and Proximity to Sir Stefan Del Sala.

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

It was spoken in age old prophecy that upon the half moon he would be met by a champion of chocolate blood in the hot springs of the high desert. And behold un to the land he would be the barer of lavish pecs to be coveted by gods and mortals alike.

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