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General Sho Obsidyn, under the Shire of Dark Harbor within the Kingdom of the Northern Lights.


"Always strive to be someone worth looking up to."


Back in the Mid 90's I started playing at The Land of the Shrouding Mists. I began the game after my friends Ahira(Vuugash currently) and Razo DeDezmond showed up to my work one Sunday morning and asked me what I was doing after work that day. I informed them I had nothing planned and began asking questions because they both were grinning ear to ear. After hearing about Amtgard I was dead set on checking this game out. We showed up that afternoon at Sprinker Recreational Center around 1:30 pm and the greeting was very warm and inviting. I was then given a rundown of the game and its mechanics and let loose as a Samurai, 4pts of armor and a two swords. I WAS HOOKED! The rest is history leading to today.

Affiliated Groups

  • Golden Lions - Fighting Company
  • Darkjesters - Member
  • House Obsidyn - Lord
  • House of the Everful Goblet

Belted Line


Belted Family Rules to follow(Direct)

  1. No Belted Family Relations
  2. Don't give it if you cannot take it
  3. No Belting others using Titles of Nobility
  4. No one but Family may use the Obsidyn Flower Shield Covers
  5. Don't be Hated
  6. When in doubt blame Hated
  7. Don't do drugs especially in proximity to the Grand Knight
  8. Tell Sho before he finds out(General Statement)
  9. There is no Rule #10
  10. -NIL-
  11. #notcole #YeahPengin

Obsidyn Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • 18 Time Champion of the Realm
    • 3 Kingdom Level
    • 3 Principality Level
    • 8 Duchy Level
    • 3 Barony Level
    • 1 Shire Level
  • 4 Times Monarch
    • 2 King
    • 2 Duke(1 protem)
  • 3 Times Regent
    • 3 Duchy Level(1 Protem)
  • 2 Time Prime Minister
    • 2 Duchy Level(1 Protem)
  • 26 Time Weaponsmaster
    • Weapons Master of the World @ Clan 16
    • 5 Kingdom Level
    • 4 Principality Level
    • 10 Duchy Level
    • 4 Barony Level
    • 2 Shire Level

Instructed at SKBC 2014 and 2015.

21 events on Security Staff
5 times as Securicrat(most recent was Zenstars 2013)
1 time autocrat of SM/MS Joint Mid-reign
10 time Warocrat
2 time Feastocrat
1 time Gateocrat


Sho's Knighting

Additional Images

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