Theodrick Blackflame

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Sir Theodoric Blackflame, of Traitors Gate the Celestial Kingdom



Originally from the Burning Lands, where he created the Assassin class. He co-founded the fighting company Golden Lions before moving to Kerrville where he founded Bifost, and from there Co-Founded the Celestial Kingdom. He also founded the fighting company Annihalus. Sir Theo is also notable as the very first Champion, and the Second ever Monarch of the CK. He was arguably one of the best fighters in the game, said to be a "psychic fighter" able to block shots he couldn't have possibly seen coming and able to hit you were you could have sworn was well guarded.

Feb 18, 2017 at Celestial Kingdom Circle of Knights meeting during Midreign Reign 53: Sir Theo Renounced his knighthoods given within the Celestial Kingdom during a statement about his objection to the Celestial Kingdom's Circle of Knights and its handling of issues regarding Sir Clalibus. As such, he retained only his status as Knight of The Flame.

Sir Theo passed on February 27, 2023


Notable Accomplishments


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