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Squire Saffron, of Mists of the Dawn, Polaris

”I won't damage your brain until I understand it.”



Saffron is a feisty female from Mists of the Dawn. Her favoured class is Barbarian, and she is notorious for her wicked arm with her throwies, one of which has a name: the "Bitch Finder 5000". Her introduction to Amtgard began in March 2006 at Starmount but she didn't start attending Amtgard regularly until August 2008 at Mists of the Dawn. Most people are shocked to find out that she is the cousin of Rilla.

Affiliated Groups

Phoenix Guard - Member
House Ravenos - Siren
Midwest Trading Company - Slave keeper on Dawn's Kraken
Order of the Spice Rack - Mistress

Belted Line

Initially was Woman at Arms to Sir Zodiac Darkjester, but in January 2011 was taken as his Squire. Sir Zodiac Darkjester - (Flame), (Crown)

Notable Accomplishments


Mists of the Dawn Regent 11/2009-5/2010

Additional Images

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More Information

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