Order of the Spice Rack

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Order of the Spice Rack

”We spice things up!”



This very limited and exclusive household was formed after three members of the Mists of the Dawn, Saffron, Sage, and Thyme realized that they all were named after spices. They decided to create a Household called the Order of the Spice Rack, in order to form a long lasting (and spicy!) camaraderie. It's mostly a running joke that only gets brought up at large events... + (By the way, Broton came up with the motto) mad props.

Interested persons must have a type of spice or seasoning included in their name in order to be a member.

Affiliated Groups


Members include :
Saffron - Mistress of the Order
Thyme Wyndmere - Mistress of the Order
Sage - Founder
Broton Locksalt

Notable Accomplishments

Drawing the envy of all amtgarders who aren't named after spices

Additional Images

nov09courtsmiles.jpg All four member of the Order of the Spice Rack

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