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Viscountess Sir Joy, of Falling Fire Neverwinter.

"F#@k your carrot! I am not your pony to be led somewhere!" -Joy


Joy, here with Evil Ryss, at Neverwinter Winter Coronation of 2006


Joy started in Amtgard in 1998. She first played at Darkwater East then moved to Falling Fire.

Affiliated Groups

House Veritas

Phoenix Guard Fighting Company

A Margarita Chick - her fruit is the peach

Belted Family

Joy is the former squire and before that, Man-at-arms of Sir Evil Ryss before Evil Ryss was welcomed into the peerage he was Squire to Sir Zodiac Darkjester, who was Squire to Sir Arion, who was squire to Sir Zircon. Joy's former squire is Casca.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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Joy, Stinkfoot, and Kardore (from left to right) after Stinkfoot's knighting, Olympiad 2006.

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