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Rear Admiral Lumpy De Starmount

"Aww mittens!"



Lumpy began his Amtgard career in August 2004. He began plying at a freehold called Mists of the Dawn and spent his first year or so there. His name comes from a incident involving an injury from an illegal weapon, which left him unable to fight for a time which resulted in him being mocked as a lazy lump on a log which was shortened to "Lumpy!!". In mid 2005 he moved to Starmount with his friends Somber and Scarr. Following his move to Starmount he began travelling and taking an increasingly active interest in the game. The first event he attended was Querna Tema's Founder's Day in 2005. His first major event came the following year when he caravanned to Rakis and met some of Amtgard's 'famous people' for the first time.

In 2007 he attended his first Gathering of the Clans, Clan XXV, where he witnessed Olympiad XVII and met even more of Amtgard's 'famous people'. He has attended about ten Clans since then. The following November he was elected to his first office and would continue to hold consecutive terms for every elected office for Starmount in turn nearly uninterrupted. At a halloween party in 2009 Lumpy taken as Man-At-Arms by his friend Sir Raphael. A few months after stepping down as Sheriff of Starmount in 2011 he moved to Wisconsin for school and after Starmount was declared Defunct the following May at The Sequel he became Landless. At Gathering of the Clans XXX Raphael took him as a Squire.

In December of 2014 Lumpy had his credits transferred to Ethereal Tides as it was equidistant from the places resided while at University in order to run the Minnesota Amtgard May Event the following year. Years after graduation, he transferred his credits to Mystic Dawn because it was on the way home from work.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Sir Raphael-(Crown 1996), (Flame 1998), (Sword 2001), (Serpent 2015)

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Angels owe him money.