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A white phoenix above flames on a black field: a common heraldry for Paladins who have attained Knighthood

Paladin is a prestige core class that marches against death and darkness with goodness.

From the Rulebook

The perfect good guy comes to save the day. Paladins exist in the myths and legends of all cultures. Be it the Geatlander Beowulf slaying Grendel or the Norse god Thor battling the Midgaard Serpent, Paladins have been with us since prehistory.


Joan of Arc, Galahad, King Arthur, Roland, Percival, Don Quixote, Arcite, Phocion, Dietrich von Bern


Garb: Gold sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb. Knights may wear a white belt and a white phoenix Class Symbol instead.
Requirements: Must be 6th level in at least one class.
Look The Part: Awe 1/life (m)
Armor: 4pts
Shields: Large
Weapons: All Melee, Javelins

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Immune to Command (T)

Immune to Death (T)
Cancel - Unlimited (m)

2nd Greater Heal 1/Life Charge x3 (m)
3rd Extend Immunities 1/Refresh Charge x5 (ex)
4th Greater Resurrect 1/Life (m)
5th Awe 1/life (m)
6th Protection from Magic (self/Touch: Others) 2/Refresh (m)


T: Neutral S: Neutral R: Touch
I: “My work shall be undone” x3
E: Remove an Enchantment cast by the caster.

Greater Heal

T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Touch
I: “By the grace of the divine thou art healed” x5
E: All Wounds are Healed.
Ignores the Cursed State

Extend Immunities

T: Enchantment S: Protection R: Touch: Others
I: Tie strip on target: “May the blessing of my god protect thee” x3
M: White strip
E: The target player gains either Immune to Command or Immune to Death.
L: Type of Ability must be chosen at the time of casting and may not be changed. The caster may only have one instance of Extend Immunities active at a time.

Greater Resurrect

T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Touch
I: “By the grace of the divine thou art resurrected” x5
E: Target Dead player who has not moved from where they died is returned to life. Enchantments on the player are retained. Any wounds on the player are healed. Works regardless of any States on the target.


T: Verbal S: Command R: 20’
I: “I command thee awed” x3
E: Target may not attack or cast magic at the caster or their carried equipment. Target must remain at least 20’ away from the caster unless forced there by another Magic or Ability. Lasts 30 seconds.
N: If the caster attacks the target, begins casting another magic at the target or their carried equipment, or dies, this spell’s effect is negated.

Protection from Magic

T: Enchantment S: Protection R: Self or Touch: Others
I: “I enchant thee with protection from magic” x5
M: White strip
E: Bearer is unaffected by magic from any school.
Upon death the player is Cursed.
N: This effect does not interact with other Enchantments worn by the bearer.

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