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All abilities and magics (with a few exceptions) make use of a small set of common terms to explain the result they have on the player. These results are referred to as a ‘State’ or ‘States’. A player can have any number of different States simultaneously. A State may have a duration, after which it expires. If a player would gain a State they are already affected by, the State’s duration will simply be adjusted to the new duration if it is longer than the current duration. A State without a duration continues until it is removed by some outside force or until a condition is met. Unless otherwise noted, States cannot apply to dead players and are removed when a player dies or has an effect activate which allows the player struck to avoid death (Undead Minion, Greater Undead Minion, Troll Blood, Phoenix Tears, Song of Survival). A State conferred by a class Trait, such as Immunity to Subdual, is always on and may not be removed by respawn, death, or any other means. States imparted at the same time as a killing blow are considered to have taken effect prior to death. If a State which prevented a player from moving expires due to its duration ending, the player it affected must declare, “No longer [State that ended]”. This must be audible out to 20 feet.

List of States:
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