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A black phoenix above flames on a white field: a common heraldry for Anti-Paladins who have attained Knighthood

Anti-Paladin is a prestige core class gaining martial prowess through fear and death.

From the Rulebook

Class created by Morluk the Merciless

These are the standard bad guys of legend. Almost any adversary in a stock fantasy movie can qualify as an Anti-Paladin, but historical cases abound – ranging from Vlad Dracul’s persecution of Turkish prisoners to Mongol warlords boiling opposing chieftains alive.


The Kurgan, Mordred, the Black Knight, the Nazgul, Sir Francis Dashwood


Garb:Openly displayed black dragon on clothing or armor and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb. Knights may wear a white belt and black phoenix instead. Requirements: Must be 6th level in at least one class.
Look The Part: Awe 1/life (m)
Armor: 4pts
Shields: Large
Weapons: All Melee, Javelins

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Immune to Command (T)

Immune to Flame (T)

2nd Poison (self-only) 1/Refresh then Charge x3 (ex)
3rd Steal Life Essence 1/life (m)
4th Brutal Strike 1/Life (ex) (Ambulant)
5th Awe 1/life (m)
6th Undead Minion 2/Refresh (m)


Garb: Silver sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb. Knights may wear a white belt and a black phoenix Class Symbol instead.
Look The Part: Terror 1/life (m)
2nd Level: Poison (self-only) 1/Life Charge x3 (ex)
3rd Level: Steal Life Essence 1/life Charge x5 (m)
4th Level: Brutal Strike 1/Life Charge x10 (ex) (Amb)
5th Level: Terror 1/life (m)
6th Level: Flameblade (self-only) 2/Refresh (ex)



T: Enchantment S: Death R: Self
M: Red strip
I: “I coat these weapons with a deadly poison” x2
E: The next Wound dealt by the bearer in melee is Wounds Kill.

Steal Life Essence

T: Verbal S: Death R: Touch
I: “Steal life”
E: Caster may heal a wound or instantly Charge an ability.
L: May only be used on a dead player. That player is Cursed. Does not work on Cursed players. The caster does not gain the effect if the dead player is unaffected.
N: In order to charge an ability, the name of the ability being charged must still be stated immediately after the incantation.

Brutal Strike

T: Verbal S: Death R: Unlimited
I: “And stay down!”
E: Victim is Cursed. Victim is also Suppressed for 30 seconds.
L: Wound Trigger


T: Verbal S: Command
R: 20’
I: “I command thee awed” x3
E: Target may not attack or cast magic at the caster. Target must remain at least 20’ away from the caster unless forced there by another Magic or Ability.
Lasts 30 seconds.
N: If the caster attacks or begins casting another magic at the target, this spell’s effect is negated.

Undead Minion

T: Enchantment S: Death R: Touch: Others
I: “Flesh rots, bones break, skulls sigh, spirits take
let the power of my will descend on thee
let the power of my will restore thy spirit
let the power of my will knit thy corpse
let the power of my will give thee direction
let the power of my will cheat thy death
by the power of my will, arise my minion!”
M: Yellow strip

  1. Bearer does not die or respawn as normal.
  2. Bearer is Cursed, Fragile, and Suppressed.
  3. When the bearer would normally die, they instead become Insubstantial, remove all Wounds, and must return to the caster as soon as possible. Insubstantial players may not move more than 10’ from the caster and may not speak. The caster may touch the player and then Incant “Rise and fight again” x10 to end this Insubstantial State so long as no living enemies are within 10’ of the bearer.
  4. If this Enchantment’s Insubstantial is removed from the Bearer in any other manner than outlined in item 3 (or prevented entirely) this Enchantment is removed.
  5. If the caster dies, this Enchantment is removed the next time the bearer returns to the caster.
  6. If the Enchantment is removed, the bearer dies.
  7. For the duration of the Enchantment, the bearer may treat the caster as a base for the purposes of the effects which require the bearer to go to their base.
  8. Dead players may be targeted by Undead Minion and are immediately returned to life with all Wounds removed and the Insubstantial State applied.


  1. The Insubstantial State imposed by Undead Minion can be removed or prevented by any Magic or Ability which would normally be capable of removing Insubstantial or preventing Insubstantial such as Tracking, Planar Grounding, Release, or similar Magic and Abilities.
  2. This Enchantment is removed by Banish and Dimensional Rift if used on the player while they are Insubstantial.
  3. The caster may not have more than three active Greater Undead Minion and Undead Minion Enchantments combined.

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