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The verbal component required by some magics and abilities that initiates their function.

Magic and Abilities used at a Range greater than Touch require that the target be indicated by name.

Example: “Timmy, I command thee to stop, I command thee to stop, I command thee to stop.”

If the name of the target is not known, or if the casting player prefers, they may instead point at the target with a free hand and name their class and a descriptor.

Example: <Point with a free hand> “Warrior in blue, I command thee to stop, I command thee to stop, I command thee to stop.”

When targeting a piece of equipment the caster must explicitly define the equipment in addition to the player most recently using it.

Example: “Timmy, blue sword on hip, I call upon flame to heat that sword, I call upon flame to heat that sword, I call upon flame to heat that sword.”

Unless otherwise noted all Incantations:

  1. Must be said loudly and clearly enough to be heard within 50’ or by the recipient, whichever is closer.
    • Incantations for Magic or Abilities which target self must be audible to within 20’.
    • In the event of a disagreement over audible range, consult a reeve.
  2. Unless otherwise noted in the Magic/Ability description a player may not move their feet when incanting. If a player moves their feet the incant is interrupted.
  3. Improper wording, mispronunciation, a gap of more than two seconds between words, or omitting words will all result in an interrupted Incantation.
  4. An interrupted incantation does not result in a magic or ability being consumed. Interrupted Incantations must be restarted from the beginning.
  5. Require the caster to have an empty hand with the exception of holding Material Components or the target of a Touch Range magic. An open hand inside a shield handle is considered an open hand for the purposes of Incantations.
  6. Starting an Incantation renders the player’s active Magic Balls inactive and interrupts any other Incantation or Chant the player has in progress.
  7. The target of a Magic or Ability must be at least partially visible at the completion of an Incantation. The target being out of sight at any other point does not prevent or interrupt the casting attempt. If a piece of equipment is the target, the physical equipment itself is what needs to be at least partially visible. If the incantation is completed and the target is not at least partially visible, the Magic or Ability has no effect but is still expended.

Completing an Incantation results in an Ability or Magic being used up, regardless of if the target was valid or affected.