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        This page is about the core class. For the award, see Order of the Warrior.

White sword on a purple field: a common heraldry for Warriors

Warrior is a core class exclusively focused on battlefield prowess through right of arms.

From the Rulebook

Pure warrior traditions also abound. Outstanding examples included the 300 Spartans who opposed the great Persian king Xerxes and his 10,000 Immortals, the incredibly warlike five nations of the Iroquois, and the fierce Maori clans native to New Zealand.

Warriors in Chainmail and Brigandine


William Wallace, Lancelot, Achilles, Spartacus, Mad Martigan, Miyamoto Musashi, Roman Praetorians, and Julius Caesar


Garb: Purple sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb
Look The Part: Insult 1/Life (m) (Ambulant)
Armor: 6pts
Shields: Large
Weapons: All Melee, Javelins

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Scavenge Unlimited (ex)
2nd Harden (self-only) 1/Life (ex)
3rd True Grit (ex) 2/Refresh
4th Insult 1/Life (m) (Ambulant)
5th Shake It Off 1/Refresh Charge x3 (ex)
6th Ancestral Armor (self-only) 3/Refresh (ex) (Swift)


T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: Self
I: “Scavenge”
E: Repair one point of armor in one location, a shield, or a weapon.
L: Kill Trigger


T: Enchantment S: Protection R: Touch
I: “I enchant thee with Harden” x3
M: White strip
E: Bearers weapons or shield may only be destroyed by Magic Balls/Verbals which destroy objects, e.g. Fireball or Pyrotechnics.
L: Will only affect either the weapons or the shield of the bearer, not both.

True Grit

T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Self
I: “The wicked flee when I pursue” immediately after dying
E: Player returns to life with their Wounds healed and is immediately Frozen for 30 seconds.
Non-Persistent Enchantments on the player are removed before the player returns to life.


T: Verbal S: Command R: 20’
I: “I command thy attention” x3
E: Victim is unable to attack or cast magic at anyone other than the caster or their carried equipment for 30 seconds. If the victim of insult is attacked or has magic cast on them or their carried equipment by someone other than the caster, the victim of Insult becomes able to choose to attack the offending party as well.
N: If the caster of Insult dies, the victim's effect is negated.

Shake It Off

T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Self
I: ”I shall overcome”
E: Shake It Off may be activated at any time the player is alive, even while the player would otherwise be prevented from activating abilities by Stunned, Suppressed, or similar.
10 seconds after activating Shake It Off the player may remove from themselves one State or effect of their choice which was present at the time they activated the ability.

Ancestral Armor

T: Enchantment S: Protection R: Self
I: “May this armor protect you from all forms of harm.”
M: White strip
E: The effects of a Magic Ball, projectile weapon, or melee weapon which just struck armor worn by the player are ignored, even if the object would not otherwise affect the armor. The armor loses one point of value in the location struck. This effect will not trigger if the armor has no points left in the location struck. Ancestral Armor is not expended after use and will continue to provide protection until removed with Dispel Magic or similar magic or abilities.
L: Phase Arrow and Phase Bolt interact with armor worn by the bearer as though Ancestral Armor was not present.
N: Engulfing Effects that do not strike the bearer's armor and abilities that ignore armor entirely do not trigger Ancestral Armor.

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