Ancestral Armor

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Ancestral Armor is a spell usable by:





Range Touch: Others
Incantation “May this armor protect you from all forms of harm.
May the flames of the fire not burn you.
May the bolts from the heavens not strike you.
May the arrows of your enemies not pierce you.
May this armor protect you from all forms of harm.”
Materials White strip
Effects The effects of a Magic Ball, projectile weapon, or melee weapon which just struck armor worn by the player are ignored, even if the object would not otherwise affect the armor.
The armor loses one point of value in the location struck.
This effect will not trigger if the armor has no points left in the location struck.
Ancestral Armor is not expended after use and will continue to provide protection until removed with Dispel Magic or similar magic or abilities.
Limitations or Restrictions Phase Arrow and Phase Bolt interact with armor worn by the bearer as though Ancestral Armor was not present.
Notes Engulfing Effects that do not strike the bearer's armor and abilities that ignore armor entirely do not trigger Ancestral Armor.

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