Warrior (V7)

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        This page is about the core class. For the award, see Order of the Warrior.

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Warrior is a core class exclusively focused on battlefield prowess through right of arms.

From the Rulebook

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Warrior

Warriors in Chainmail and Brigandine

Pure Warrior traditions also abound. Outstanding examples included the 300 Spartans who opposed the great Persian king Xerxes and his 10,000 Immortals, the incredibly warlike five nations of the Iroquois, and the fierce Maori clans native to New Zealand.


William Wallace, Lancelot, Achilles, Spartacus, Mad Martigan, Miyamoto Musashi, Charles Martel, Roman Praetorians, and Julius Caesar


Purple sash

Class details:

Warrior Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
1st 5 All melee 4 points, large shields None -
2nd - - 6 points (T) - Improve Weapon (ex) (1/game)
3rd 6 javelins - - -
4th - - - - Improve Weapon becomes (1/life), Improve Shield (ex) (1/game)
5th - - - - Repair Item (ex) (1/life)
6th - - - - Armor of Quality (T), Improve Shield becomes (2/game)

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