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Man at Arms Peehs Amnos the Unscrupulous, of Sacred Wind Blackspire

"Are you getting laid? No? Then its not a good enough reason to miss Amtgard"
"Stab him in the dick, its instawin."


Peehs started the game in the summer of 1999 in the fledgling land of Sacred Wind along with some of his friends. It was the call of "hey, some of us are going to hit each other with sticks" that got him onto the field. After a couple years, the land fell apart, so he started traveling to nearby Hermit's Hold a couple times a month. Due to mundane constraints, he had to abandon the treks and took a leave from Amtgard.

In 2004 after hearing Sacred Wind had started back up, he gladly took up his sticks and began fighting again picking up where he left off. Unfortunately in 2007, the land died off again when the college students graduated and left town.

When 2009 rolled around, another land, Moving Trees, brought Amtgard back to the town. He started yet again coming back out to the field. In 2010 he helped change the name back to Sacred Wind and got back under Stormhaven. He now helps guide the land with the help of his wife Kismet (SW).

In 2012 during Thousand Stars, Peehs was initiated into the Templars.

Affiliated Groups

Templars - Initiate
Brotherhood of the Blood Moon - Initiate

Belted Line


Notable Accomplishments

Chancellor of Sacred Wind August 2010 - November 2010
Chancellor of Sacred Wind November 2010 - April 2012

More Information

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