Tri Evangent

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Lord Tri Evangent, of Blackfire Pass, Rising Winds.

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Joined Amtgard in 2003 as part of Ashen Hills, but has since moved to Blackfire Pass. He was a member of the short lived Stonegate Temple, before it became part of Dark Harvest.

Tri felt the need to get six classes to second level, and credits in all other playable classes, before finally deciding to play warrior to sixth level.

Tri is relatively well known throughout the Rising Winds as a loud-mouthed nerd whom everyone likes, and one of the first victims of the nerd can.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Baron of Ashen Hills 2006-07
  • Regent of Ashen Hills 2005-06
  • Dragonmaster, Awarded June, 2006 by Baron Lord Elixir
  • Lord, Awarded September, 2007 King Raven the Muse

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