Jaxom Jacobson

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Arch Duke Sir Jaxom Jacobson, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire

”I want it in a now sort of way!”

Sir Jaxom (left) pictured with his soon to be former Squire Darrian (right)


Jaxom has been referred to by some as the "King Maker" as he has had three squires become Kings of each of the Pacific Northwest Kingdoms: Derek Roth in Mystic Seas, Tyric in VSR, and Darrian in Blackspire.

Jaxom was one of the original three knights of VSR, having been knighted Flame by King Morgan Kirkpatric on the same day as Sir Valerous and Sir Wraith. Sir Jaxom went on from there to become an early King of VSR. After which he was recognized by King Sularus as a Knight of the Crown.

Jaxom continued to be a leading force in VSR for many years as a strong voice and Speaker on the VSR Circle of Knights and as an adviser to the crown. But in recent years, Jaxom has become absent due to stress and physical injury. While he continues to attend big events in Blackspire like Pac-War and Winterbash, sadly, the name Sir Jaxom has slipped into the Legendary status in current day Blackspire.

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