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Sir Rift Gorhan Tele



Rift started in El Paso as Renken but changed to Rift Gorhan Tele shortly thereafter. Rift was knighted by M’Deth and then made to sit in the back room with the other rabble and it still pisses him off to this day but he’s happy because he necked with M’deth’s wife when he was off in the Navy HA! He was knighted at a time when there was only one type of knighthood, on 10/19/85. When knighthood was split into four orders he chose Sword because, to paraphrase Rift, "What I really liked to do was fight."

Rift is a Dork.

Rift is so much more than a Dork.

Rift currently resides in Pegasus Valley.

Notable Accomplishments

Rift founded the Iron Mountains.
Rift started Jugging in Amtgard (the IM went to see Blood of Heroes at the theater and played the next day in over 2 feet of snow.
Rift was the 1st Guild Master to introduce a 6 level system for a player class in Amtgard. Before Rift there were only two levels per class.

Knight of the Crown at Clan by King Auromax of the Iron Mountains in July 1997.
Knight of the Flame by King Moss of the Iron Mountains in July 1992.
Knight of the Sword by King M'Deth of the Burning Lands in January 1985.

Belted Line

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Affiliated Groups

Claw Legion