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Arch Duke Sir Warlord Oromis,The Blade of the East, of Inland Ocean, Defender of the Northern Lights

Chapter Inland Ocean
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started 2003
Noble Title Arch Duke
Belted Status Knight of the Crown
Company Hybris Legion
Pronouns He/Him

Templar Oromis.PNG


Oromis came to the field for the first time in 2004 (Or 2003... He doesn't remember...) at Stormhaven. After a month, he stopped showing up due to a lack of transportation. However, he kept his swords and continued to spar with his friends at his house.
In 2006, when faced with his senior project and a serious lack of good ideas, he decided to make a land in his hometown of Deer Park, which would later come to be called Hellig Brann.
He later decided to transfer to Stormhaven, which he felt held more opportunity and was closer to his house.
After spending some time in different companies, Oromis finally joined Alliance, a company started by Maurice, which he felt was the best fit for him. Oromis received his Alliance shield cover before the main battle at Pac War XI.
After a two year hiatus, Oromis resurfaced in the Barony of Inland Ocean. After a lot of deliberation, Oromis made the choice to step away from his brothers in Alliance, although they will always be his family. He opted for a more active company in the Templars.

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion
Position Founder/Council/Signifer
Membership Praetorian # III

Alliance Company (RETIRED)


Belted Family

Originally Squired to Sir Robin of StormHaven, adopted into Sir Dogboy's family in 2017. Left the family in 2020, though they remain best friends.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Crown - Knighted by Sir Cyric, by right of King Murphy July 2022
Warlord - Awarded by King Murphy O'Hygan NLCC 2022
Master Crown - Awarded by König Mithius, NL Summer Midreign 2021
Arch Duke - Awarded by König Mithius, NL Summer Coronation 2021
Defender Title - Awarded by Queen Aristiri NLCC 2018
Marquis Title - Awarded by Sir Robin (Under the authority of King Moonshine)
Lord Title - Awarded by Grand Duke Blackthorn
Dreadlord of Hellig Brann

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