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Lord Mithius Silverbow, of Mithril Hills, Northern Lights

”Family takes care of family”



A traveling half-elf/ half-gnome, who joined the Shire of Dark Valley in 1994 with Lucas Knothead Jr and Brother Antos. He views those closest to him as his family, his own a distant memory that he seldom brings up, much like his Elvish heritage.

He has spent many years as local and ducal prime minister, helping to create one of the first complete paper records for Dark Valley and Rising Moon. After joining Bon Mott Glen in 1999, he served as a regent pro-tem multiple times including after it becoming Mithril Hills.He took a leave to raise his young daughters as a single father. After raising his daughters, he returned in 2019 with them so they can enjoy the fantasy.

Mithius was once belted to Arch Duke Sir Gaelin of Devonshire, and was released in October, 2000.

Affiliated Groups

House of Bells

Belted Family

Man-at-Arms Saradell

Page Bunny

Notable Accomplishments

Kingdom Monarch of Northern Lights March of 2021 - September of 2021

Kingdom Regent of Northern Lights March of 2020 - September of 2020

Lord - Awarded by Queen Aristiri, 1999

Master Archer - Awarded by King Tormineous, 1999

Master Dragon - Awarded by King Gaelin of Devonshire, 2000

Master Owl - Awarded by Pirate King Murphy O'Hygan, 2021

First to have Amtgard as part of Longview Solstice Walk

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