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Pacific War (AKA Pac War) is an annual national InterKingdom event originally hosted by the Kingdom of the Mystic Seas and then was hosted by the PacWar BoD out of Blackspire and is currently run by bidding process from members of Blackspire and all of its lands beholden. The event is held in either Oregon or Washington State. This event was started in 1998 and had about 100-300+ people attend.

Originally run as The Great Northwest War by Silverlock, back when he was Regent with King Agar. After attending Arakis, he decided that the PNW needed an event. It was held at Hebo Lake and turned out to be a failure due to many things working against them, including loss of site 1 week before the event and the general inexperience of autocrating by Silverlock coupled with his inability to attend the event. The next year The Great Northwest War 2: The Apology was held by Sir Derek Roth with better success and eventually became Pacific War, the war between VSR and The Mystic Seas. With the merger into Blackspire, Pac War seems to have lost its overall theme, but has had a somewhat new direction recently with the war on the "Bloody Skeletons [that] Rise Up in the Middle of the Night to Kick Your Ass!!!!!!"