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Page Mibs Dawe, of Crimson Moon, Wetlands

”Why fight and get all hot when you can pass out in your own drool.”


Left to die out on a lonely path, Mibs was found by a traveler by the name of Torin Haf. Through the kindness of his heart he gave her a second chance at life by making her his werewolf minion. Since she was unable to remember her past or where she came from, she became loyal to Torin Haf and stayed always at his side. She considers him her closest friend and protector. He brought her to his home of Crimson Moon and she was quickly accepted by everyone. Being very affectionate and loving by nature, she never makes an enemy. Don't let her fun and hyper ways fool you, she is very smart and can figure just about anything out.

After a while of getting use to everything and making many friends, she became a cabin girl under the direction of the captain, Rosalin Blackwood Blackrose. Under Rosalin Blackwood Blackrose, Mibs started learning more skills that would help further her path as one needed as a member of Crimson Moon.

As time seemed to fly by, she slowly learned more and more of her forgotten past. She learned that she had a mother, who was raising a small family in Crimson Moon. Her mother was someone she had come to know as a friend, Baroness Squire Onishi Morrigan Dawe McCru Callahorn. With the new knowledge of her mother, and her family in Crimson Moon, she seeks to regain the rest of her lost memories to better understand who she is and where she is headed.

Affiliated Groups


  • White Tiger Company
  • House Vangard
  • The Roulette
  • House of Were

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Page Mibs Dawe receiving her 2nd Order of the Rose for her help with Administrative Duties at Endreign XXVI/Coronation XXVII - June 5-7, 2009, from Emperor Squire Sebastian du Lac. Her escort was Lord Squire Bain Ironwolf. Also pictured are Baron Taven Char, Page Chunko Char, and Kinder. Taken by Belladonna on June 6, 2009. (Picture forthcoming)

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