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House DeLoki

”Baissez les s'ils ne peuvent pas prendre une plaisanterie!”

Household Heraldry

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House Deloki was founded in 2003 in Crimson Moon in the Wetlands. For several years during the great CM schism there was always at least one DeLoki in office at park. We are primarily a local service household with emphasis on role play.

Also! House DeLoki is THE finest hiring firm for temporary goblin workers. That's right if you need a moat built, a caravan guarded, a messenger, hire a goblin from us. We have perfected the art of the domestication of the wild, savage goblin. Some have even learned to read and write and one even has developed a moral compass! If you want a testimonial, Fort Red Hand was built primarily by our goblin workforce. We offer reasonable rates and high volume discounts!


The House was founded in 2003 and the founding members were Lord Gremio DeLoki, Ravenna DeLoki, Rhiannon Maelwaedde, Rayne DeLoki, and Chimpa D Goblin. They were then quickly joined by Katalina Darkheart DeLoki, Payton Crantor, Hassan Ibn Sabbah, Cullen, Leif Tyrson, Wyntir DeLoki, and Meekun DeLoki Panurple.

Active members:

Baron Gremio DeLoki

Lady Ravenna DeLoki

Countess Rayne DeLoki

Lady Dahlia Aed

Rytynn Danoric

Moriah Danoric

Lord Arngeir Stormblade DeLoki

Baronet Dwarf Dreadbeard

Dreiya Rai Zahn DeLoki

Notable Accomplishments

We don't like to talk about things like that. People get ideas about giving us awards and titles when they find out what kind of good deeds we have done.

Additional Images

There is another picture of our heraldry here on the Wetlands webpage.

More Information

While the webpage is very out of date and not likely to be updated any time soon you can view it still. Also reach out to us on several pages via Facebook!