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Baroness Kalene, of Crimson Moon, Kingdom of the Wetlands

Home Park Crimson Moon
Kingdom Kingdom of the Wetlands
Year Started 2009
Noble Title Countess
Belt Status Squire

"I shouldn't have to whisper my stupidity."


Kalene first started playing Amtgard in Crimson Moon around 2009. She was first a member of the White Tiger Company and took on the family name Dawe; she stayed to herself and didn't participate much, unsure of the nature of amtgard as a whole. It wasn't until about 2011 that she became more comfortable with Amtgard, at which point she left the White Tiger Company and dropped the family name, realizing they were not people she wanted to be affiliated with. Soon after, due to personal reasons, she left the game completely for about a year.

When she returned, Kalene's participation increased three fold and she was almost immediately given a squire's belt by Sir Katzu. His flaky appearance and lack of enthusiasm forced her to drop his belt, after which she was almost immediately taken up by Dame Samara du Lac. With help from influential people she found she had a penchant for organization and was elected chancellor of Crimson Moon twice, and was appointed as pro-temp chancellor once. After a run as the local regent she took a break and only ran tournaments when it was asked of her.

A the quals of XXXV there was no qualifing regent, and King Zachary Ironwolf appointed her as regent of the Kingdom of the Wetlands.

She's has a terrible mouth and doesn't often filter herself for the masses, prepare yourself.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded the title of Baroness by King Thalen of the Wetlands
  • Awarded the title of Countess by King THERMUS of the Wetlands
  • Former squire of Sir Katzu
  • Former squire of Dame Samara



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