Hirehorn "Dragonhammer" Callahorn

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Squire Hirehorn "Dragonhammer" Callahorn of Ironwood, WL.

Trying to put the FLURB (roleplay) back into Amtgard


Hirehorn "Dragonhammer" Gallahorn (though constantly called Callahorn) began playing Amtgard in 2000. Starting with humble origins in Prejean Park, also known as Crimson Moon, in the Kingdom of the Wetlands, he began to quickly love the game and offer everything he had to the experience to get others to enjoy it as well. He was quickly dubbed a "flurb" at the park due to his use and creation of overly large and heavy weapons, thus the use of a maul and through role play he was given the name "Dragonhammer".

Affiliated Groups

Previous member of Red Feather Corps

A founding member of BarBar Lodge.


Founder of House Vangard.

Belted Family


Squire to Saint O'Banion on April 20, 2008

Notable Accomplishments

Local Chancellor January 22,2006 to July 2006 by Populace of Crimson Moon
Local Regent November 11,2007 to May 2008 by Populace of Crimson Moon


Fattest Barbarian of Crimson Moon
Master Barbarian


Barbarian November 17 2007-Admiral Oz

Personal Heraldry

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