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Magic and Abilities form the basis for class differentiation. In this section is a listing of all the different Abilities and Magic you might use or encounter.

Note: Traits are always on, and thus ignore any Incantation requirement listed in a Magic or Ability.

See Magic, Abilities, States and Special Effects for further rules and explanations

Abilities Format Key

Class and Level: Here will be listed each class that can use this ability, and at what level they get access to it.
T: Type - Verbal, Enchantment, Magic Ball, Meta-Magic, Neutral, Specialty Arrow
S: School - Command, Death, Flame, Neutral, Protection, Sorcery, Spirit, Subdual
R: Range (if any) - Self, Touch, 20', 50', Ball
I: Incantation
M: Materials
E: Effects
L: Limitations or Restrictions
N: Notes

List of Magic and Abilities

Name Type School
Abeyance Magic Ball Subdual
Adaptive Blessing Enchantment Protection
Adaptive Protection Enchantment Protection
Adrenaline Verbal Spirit
Agoraphobia Verbal Command
Amplification Verbal Sorcery
Ambulant Meta-Magic Neutral
Ancestral Armor Enchantment Protection
Assassinate Verbal Death
Astral Intervention Verbal Command
Attuned Enchantment Sorcery
Avatar of Nature Archetype Neutral
Awe Verbal Command
Banish Verbal Spirit
Barkskin Enchantment Protection
Battlefield Triage Enchantment Spirit
Battlemage Archetype Neutral
Bear Strength Enchantment Sorcery
Berserk Enchantment Sorcery
Blessed Aura Enchantment Protection
Blessing Against Harm Enchantment Protection
Blessing Against Wounds Enchantment Protection
Blink Verbal Sorcery
Blood and Thunder Verbal Spirit
Break Concentration Verbal Command
Brutal Strike Verbal Death
Call Lightning Verbal Flame
Cancel Neutral Neutral
Circle of Protection Enchantment Protection
Combat Caster Archetype Neutral
Confidence Verbal Sorcery
Contagion Enchantment Death
Corrosive Mist Enchantment Death
Coup de Grace Verbal Death
Dervish Archetype Neutral
Destroy Armor Verbal Death
Destruction Arrow Specialty Arrow Sorcery
Dimensional Rift Verbal Sorcery
Discordia Enchantment Command
Dispel Magic Verbal Sorcery
Dragged Below Verbal Death
Elemental Barrage Verbal Sorcery
Empower Verbal Sorcery
Enlightened Soul Enchantment Protection
Entangle Magic Ball Subdual
Equipment: Armor, 1 Point Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Shield, Medium Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Shield, Small Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Weapon, Great Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Weapon, Hinged Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Weapon, Long Neutral Neutral
Equipment: Weapon, Short Neutral Neutral
Essence Graft Enchantment Sorcery
Evoker Archetype Neutral
Evolution Enchantment Sorcery
Experienced Neutral Neutral
Extend Immunities Enchantment Protection
Extension Meta-Magic Neutral
Fight After Death Verbal Sorcery
Finger of Death Verbal Death
Fireball Magic Ball Flame
Flame Blade Enchantment Flame
Force Barrier Verbal Sorcery
Force Bolt Magic Ball Sorcery
Gift of Air Enchantment Protection
Gift of Earth Enchantment Protection
Gift of Fire Enchantment Flame
Gift of Water Enchantment Sorcery
Golem Enchantment Sorcery
Greater Harden Enchantment Protection
Greater Heal Verbal Spirit
Greater Mend Verbal Sorcery
Greater Release Verbal Sorcery
Greater Resurrect Verbal Spirit
Greater Undead Minion Enchantment Death
Harden Enchantment Protection
Heal Verbal Spirit
Heart of the Swarm Enchantment Spirit
Heat Weapon Verbal Flame
Hold Person Verbal Command
Iceball Magic Ball Subdual
Icy Blast Verbal Sorcery
Imbue Armor Enchantment Protection
Imbue Shield Enchantment Protection
Imbue Weapon Enchantment Death
Innate Meta-Magic Neutral
Insult Verbal Command
Ironskin Enchantment Protection
Legend Archetype Neutral
Lightning Bolt Magic Ball Flame
Lost Verbal Command
Lycanthropy Enchantment Death
Magic Ball Block Enchantment Protection
Mass Healing Enchantment Spirit
Mend Verbal Sorcery
Missile Block Enchantment Protection
Naturalize Magic Enchantment Sorcery
Necromancer Archetype Neutral
Persistent Meta-Magic Neutral
Phase Arrow Specialty Arrow Sorcery
Phase Bolt Magic Ball Sorcery
Phoenix Tears (Spell) Enchantment Spirit
Pinning Arrow Specialty Arrow Sorcery
Planar Grounding Verbal Sorcery
Poison Enchantment Death
Poison Arrow Specialty Arrow Death
Poison Glands Enchantment Death
Priest Archetype Neutral
Protection from Magic Enchantment Protection
Protection from Projectiles Enchantment Protection
Pyrotechnics Verbal Flame
Ranger Archetype Neutral
Ravage Verbal Death
Regeneration Enchantment Spirit
Release Verbal Sorcery
Reload Verbal Sorcery
Restoration Verbal Sorcery
Resurrect Verbal Spirit
Sanctuary Verbal Protection
Scavenge Verbal Sorcery
Sever Spirit Verbal Spirit
Shadow Step Verbal Sorcery
Shake It Off Verbal Spirit
Shatter Verbal Sorcery
Shatter Weapon Verbal Sorcery
Shove Verbal Sorcery
Silver Tongue Enchantment Sorcery
Sleight of Mind Enchantment Sorcery
Snaring Vines Enchantment Command
Sniper Archetype Sorcery
Song of Battle Enchantment Protection
Song of Deflection Enchantment Protection
Song of Determination Enchantment Protection
Song of Freedom Enchantment Protection
Song of Interference Enchantment Protection
Song of Power Enchantment Protection
Song of Survival Enchantment Protection
Song of Visit Enchantment Protection
Sphere of Annihilation Magic Ball Sorcery
Steal Life Essence Verbal Death
Stoneform Verbal Protection
Stoneskin Enchantment Protection
Stun Verbal Sorcery
Summon Dead Verbal Spirit
Summoner Archetype Neutral
Suppress Aura Verbal Command
Suppression Arrow Specialty Arrow Sorcery
Suppression Bolt Magic Ball Subdual
Swift Meta-Magic Neutral
Teleport Verbal Sorcery
Terror Verbal Death
Throw Verbal Sorcery
Tracking Verbal Sorcery
Troll Blood Enchantment Protection
True Grit Verbal Spirit
Undead Minion Enchantment Death
Vampirism Enchantment Death
Void Touched Enchantment Sorcery
Ward Self Enchantment Protection
Warder Archetype Neutral
Warlock Archetype Neutral
Word of Mending Verbal Sorcery
Wounding Verbal Death
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