Song of Visit

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Song of Visit is a spell used by:





Range Self
Incantation “I sing to entertain friend and foe” x3
Materials No strip required
Effects Bearer cannot be Wounded and is Immune to all schools.

Bearer is Stopped.

Bearer must Chant “Song of Visit” or sing a song regarding their general good nature and friendly disposition.

Singing in place of the normal Chant is still a Chant and must follow all Chant rules.

When Song of Visit is removed player becomes Insubstantial and must immediately move directly to their base. Upon arrival, they must immediately end the effect as per Insubstantial.

Limitations or Restrictions Bearer may not wield weapons, interact with game objects, impede play, gain further Enchantments, or target any player.
Notes This Enchantment can be removed by Dispel Magic and similar Magic and Abilities.

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