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Golem is a spell used by:





Range Touch: Others
Incantation “From earth and clay I form thee” x3
Materials White strip and Red strip
Effects Bearer is Immune to Death (School).

Bearer is Cursed.

Bearer can remove a Wound via Mend.

Bearer may use the caster as an alternate respawn point while the caster is alive.

Bearer may treat the caster as a base for the purposes of the effects which require the teammate to go to their base.

Non-magical armor worn affected as per Imbue Armor.

All Enchantments worn by the Bearer, including Golem, are Persistent while Golem is worn.

Limitations or Restrictions A caster may only have a single Golem Enchantment active at a time.
Notes Greater Mend and Word of Mending will not remove a wound.

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