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Sanctuary is an ability used by:





Range Self
Incantation “Sanctuary”
Materials None
Effects Player and their equipment are unaffected by hostile actions originating from within 20’.

Must Chant “sanctuary”.

Player may normally end Sanctuary at any time by ceasing to chant, or by picking up a weapon with their hand.

Limitations or Restrictions Player may not activate this ability while they have any weapons in hand and cannot carry any weapons in hand during Sanctuary.

Cannot carry nor affect game items or game objectives while in Sanctuary. Players in Sanctuary may not impede the play of other people in any manner, and must immediately remove themselves from any such situations they find themselves in. May not come within 20’ of a non-friendly base.

Notes If the player is voluntarily touching (other than blocking) or carrying weapons in any fashion (tucked under arms, tied to thongs, etc) at any point during Sanctuary then they may only voluntarily end Sanctuary within 20’ of a friendly base, and must continue chanting until there.

Player is still susceptible to Phase Bolt and Phase Arrow.

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