Gift of Air

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Gift of Air is a spell used by:





Range Touch: Others
Incantation “I grant thee a gift of the air” x3
Materials White strip
Effects The effects of a melee weapon or projectile weapon which just struck the bearer are ignored, instead the bearer announces “Gift of Air” and becomes Insubstantial.

If the bearer is wearing armor it is affected as normal in addition to triggering Gift of Air.
Bearer may choose to return directly to their base immediately after Gift of Air activates.
Melee weapons with the Armor Breaking, Armor Destroying, Shield Crushing, or Shield Destroying Special Effects will affect the bearer as normal and do not trigger Gift of Air.

Limitations or Restrictions Bearer may not wield weapons or shields.
Notes Bearer may end the Insubstantial state caused by Gift of Air at any time with the standard Incantation (“I return to the physical world” x2).

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