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Lucas "Luke" Wyngarde the Stargazer, of Stormwall the Wetlands

"And if it didn't offend *me* then it wasn't offensive at all. I'm, like, the Rockerfeller of Outrage."



Luke began his Amtgard career in late 1993 and has seen no small amount of Amtgard history in the making. Luke founded the chapter of Stormwall in his backyard in November of 1993 and served as Lord, Baron, Duke and Prince of that group as it continued to grow and thrive. Stormwall is also notable in that it is one of the very few chapters to ever achieve Grand Duchy numbers and sustains an ever-present populace of between 40-60 players to this day.

Luke was a founding member of the Kingdom of the Wetlands and helped draft two versions of the kingdom corpora over the years. He was the first Master Smith of the Wetlands, granted during the first reign of the kingdom for sponsoring events and publishing newsletters before the Wetlands was ever born.

Luke has been Monarch and Regent of the Wetlands, holds numerous Title of Nobility and is currently collecing Masterhoods (9 already!) so he may one day be the "Master of Masters."

Luke was knighted on April Fool's Day 2000, in the mud, in the rain, in the dark, in another kingdom - a fact he won't let anyone in the kingdom forget.

Luke's biggest claims to fame are his annual Reeving of the main Spring War battlegames and the publication of several expansion books for Amtgard. As CEO of the Amtgard Seven Expansion Group, Luke currently oversees an interkingdom group of like-minded editors and publishers who are out to change the club one battlegame at a time.

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Luke was never a Squire, MaA, or Page. He is the Fount of his own belted family. Luke has had two squires join the peerage: Dame Elora; and Don Sebastian. He currently has three Squires: MaXaM; Apex Darksoul Wyngarde; and Dahlia Áed End'Oh Wyngarde.

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

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