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Lord Master Patch Enada, Esquire of Shadowkeep in the Wetlands

"I'm The Original Squire."



Patch began his Amtgard career in the later half of 2000 under threat of physical pain from people in his high school gym class (no joke) and was a founding member of the now long defunct Deadwood Forest.

During his collegiate years, Patch was a member of Shadowkeep during its time as a duchy, holding the office of Provincial Prime Minister after his stark refusal to be called a Chancellor...again, no joke.

Pope Obanion awarded Patch with both his Lord title as well as his Master Healer. One for long suffering atrocities in Longview, Tx, in the name of the crown and the other for being a damned fantastic healer who couldn't recall the heal spell after drinking heavily at the event which the award was given. Seriously, We're not joking.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Patch, after a night of free flowing drinks at Trelath's Monarchal Midreign (Wetlands Reign IX), he so impressed Elora that she offered him a pages belt via email. She's been stuck with him ever since and was promoted to Squire when Elora was elevated to Knight_of_the_Flame, as he often reminds his belt brothers and sister.

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

Class Masterhoods

Master Healer - given by Pope O'Banion