Amtgard 7 Expansion Group

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Originally formed due to frustration over the way the 6.1 revisions were being handled, the Amtgard 7 group was beginning to solicit materials for a rulebook revision to present to the Circle of Monarchs. Within days, the rulebook committee announced deadlines for their rulebook revisions and the Amtgard 7 project was put on hold.

Having a large number of motivated people together was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Luke Wyngarde started a project for updating the Dor Un Avathar to the current rule-set. After the completion of the Dor Un Avathar and the release of the rules by the now renamed 7.0 rulebook committee, a name change to the Amtgard 7 Expansion Group was made to help clear up confusion between the two groups. Shortly afterwards, several other projects were announced including the update of some of Luke Wyngarde's battle books to 7th edition, new battle books, and a construction guide.

Now the Amtgard Seven Expansion Group is working on several different publications including rules supplements and construction guides.

See the Rulebook Expansions page.

All can be downloaded at: