Wave's End

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Amtgard Chapter
Wave's End Heraldry 2.jpg
Wave's End
Kingdom Wetlands
Status Shire
City Lufkin, TX
Park Kiwanis Park
Meets on Sundays at Noon
Founded 1997
Active Active

A Shire in the Kingdom of the Wetlands, located in Lufkin, TX .


Shadowkeep was founded in April 1997. At one point, it was a Duchy. In 2018, Sherriff Crashtian Forsaken changed the name to Wave's End. This name change has lasted through the present day, but currently this park does not have any active players.

The People


  • Sherriff
  • Regent
  • Champion
  • Prime Minister



Wave's End met in Lufkin, TX on Sundays at noon. It met at Kiwanis Park.


P1020670.jpg GOBLIN BALL!
P1020692.jpg WEAPON SCRAMBLE!!
P1020598.jpg QUESTING!

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