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Page Aurturis Skywalker, of Bloodwyrm Haven, Wetlands (Deceased) ”So, I may or may not have done something, and my involvement level will depend on if you're mad.” - to Squire Dahlia Wyngarde


Aurturis was most noted by his maturity in youth. He came to the game in June of 2014, and left the mortal coil the following September. In his time within the game, as short as it was, he was a joy to behold. His love for the game, his constant jokes and jibes, his very being, made those around him happier. He was a shieldbrother, a warrior, a friend.

As he was my Page, I am having difficulty imagining this game, my life, without him in it. Even for as short of a time as he was within my world, he became a central part of it, and it feels as though his absence is impossible. He had so much life in him, that I cannot imagine him gone. He loved this game with every fiber of his being, and showed that joy both on and off the field, throwing himself into any task or challenge thrown at him with a zeal that was awe inspiring to behold. He loved wholly, and supported and encouraged his friends at every opportunity.

He told me that he was honored to be my Page, but it is I who is honored. I am honored to have known him, and to have been so lucky to have known him as long as I did. I am honored to have been his confidant, and to have helped him in the ways that I could. I am honored to have been his Squire, and above all, his friend.

He was fourteen. He was an amazing person, with so much life to live, and he will be greatly missed.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Kyprioth's Legion Member of House Wyngarde

Belted Family

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

Notable Accomplishments

Won the Sword and Board category of his first ever Tourney, and his second Order of the Warrior. His first Order of the Warrior was given for 'Not sucking as badly as you did last week.'

Additional Images

Heraldry - File:Arthur’s heraldry.jpg

More Information

Deceased - Sept 14th, 2014