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Grand Duchess Dame Limbo, of Stormwall in the Wetlands.

Limboheraldry zps0b6f0fd3.jpg
Home Park Stormwall
Kingdom Kingdom of the Wetlands
Year Started 2001
Noble Title Grand Duchess
Belt Status Crown



G.D Limbo is a proud member of Stormwall. She started the game in early 2001, quickly joining and then leaving Corpus Monstrum before hunkering down with the Pirates of Stormwall. She is frequently known to be the "conscience" of the Pirates and has earned the moniker of the WORST PIRATE EVER among them due to her reluctance to participate in many pirate shenanigans. Due to mundane health issues she rarely takes the field except to reeve or take pictures, but can be found all over the place being generally useful.

Married to fellow Amtgarder Rhyno McJope, they have one monster spawn between them, Button, and if you mess with her multiple people will cut you.

She was squired to Dame Elora and is called the "Fork squire" for a humorous incident involving Elora's husband Chewie, ice cubes, and a dinner fork. At Castlemania II she was Ninja Knighted (April 2019).

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Miss Ditch Monkey 2008
  • Miss January, The Women of the Wetlands Calender 2008
  • Pirate Queen of the Wetlands, Reign XXXVII (Dec 2014 - June 2015)
  • Headmistress of the Wizarding world of the Wetlands, Reign XLIV (Dec 2017- June 2018)
  • Voted Nicest Female in the Wetlands 2015 Soggy Awards
  • Voted Nicest Female in the Wetlands 2016 Soggy Awards
  • Voted Nicest Female in the Wetlands 2017 Soggy Awards
  • Still answers to "Queen Limbo", and you will address her as "Your Majesty"
  • Is quite flexible, and is a champion at playing Limbo. Thus, the name.
  • Doesn't take the field often, because it would be unfair to the rest of the field.
  • Is very nice. Like, disarmingly nice. Like, suspiciously nice. Like, you know something must be nice.
  • Once killed an entire team on the field simply by being so nice that they all took a death.


  • Lady, granted by Emperor Lucas Wyngarde, 01-2006
  • Duchess, granted by Pope O'Banion II, 06-2015
  • Order of the Walker in the Middle by TERMUS Shah, 12-2016
  • Grand Duchess, given by King Chewie Lightguard, 06/18
  • Knight of the Crown, 4-13-2019

Belted Line

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

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