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Vicountess Dame Elora Raven-Goldmoon of Stormwall, WL.

”I'm Texanese!”

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Elora joined the game of Amtgard in 1997 at the Principality of Stormwall in The Kingdom of the Wetlands on Easter Sunday. Sancho and member of the fighting company House Storm, invited Elora and her husband Chewie Lightguard to check out the game he started playing. Elora became the first female to be a member of House Storm and was Lady of the House.

Elora left House Storm in 1999 and joined The Order of the White Rose. Elora is also a member of the family Goldmoon. After leaving The Order of the White Rose, she was a member for less than a year in the Crimson Scales. She left the Crimson Scales the same day her husband stepped down as Monarch of the Wetlands.

Elora made a vow after leaving the Crimson Scales that she would not join a fighting company till after she was knighted.

The day Elora was knighted she was the feast autocrat and gate autocrat. She is one of the few Wetland knights to be ninja knighted.

Elora has also served as Kingdom Prime Minister.

Elora last resided at the Barony of Stormwall, where she was their Prime Minister for a few decades.

Passed on February 23, 2021 due to complications from COVID-19. The world is poorer for her loss.

Affiliated Groups

A member of Roger's Raiders and the family Goldmoon.

Belted Family

Originally a squire herself under Sir Lucas Wyngarde, Elora currently has three squires: Lord Patch Enada(Retired), Lord Akhold, & Grand Duchess Dame Limbo, all of the Wetlands.
Elora also has one Man-At-Arms Turtle Ironside Panurple.

Elora and her squire Patch and retired squire Tate. In the background is her man-at-arms Turtle

Notable Accomplishments


Order Masterhood

Class Masterhood

Additional Images

Elissa, Bebhinn, Elora, and Ellie Mae at the Mushroom Shrine Invasion Day.
Chewie and Elora at PSIII

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