Fionnghal Nic Phaidin

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Combat Ranking
Wind Dancer
A&S Ranking
Way Dancer
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Duchess Dame Fionnghal Nic Phaidin, of the Duchy of Stormwall, Kingdom of the Wetlands



Playing Amtgard since 1993

Currently living in Clear Lake Shores, TX

Persona history

Scottish Tinker's daughter found shipwrecked on the shores the Wetlands, claims to be half fairy. Captain of the Wind Reacher. Lady of House Chronos.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Active Squires:

Inactive Squires:

Former Squires knighted

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Rose 1998
  • Master Smith 2006
  • Master Paladin 2001
  • Knighted in the Order of the Flame 1998
  • Queen of the Wetlands, Winter of 1999-2000
  • Holds a host of titles:

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